Water supports industries, enriches people's lives, and nurtures life.
To keep water beautiful forever.
In 1914, about a century after founder Shuzo Nishihara installed
the first two-story tank type Johkasou in Japan,
the Nishihara Group has been working to protect water and the environment.
Now that the global environment is becoming a major issue, we, Nishihara Neo,
have begun to move forward toward the next 100 years.
We have integrated our accumulated know-how with the technology
gained from cutting-edge research and development into a wider field.
We are working to treat wastewater from a wide range of business sites,
including inorganic wastewater, centering on the biological treatment technologies
we have cultivated in the treatment of domestic wastewater. We will respond to every customer's needs and
propose the best answers one by one to the different "Water issues" at each site.
~Bringing the total solution of water to everyone.~