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Nobuo Tsukihashi


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July 2, 1962


200 million yen


Industrial wastewater treatment plant/ Pre-treatment plant/ NEO Johkasou/ Small scale wastewater treatment plant/ Design, manufacturing, sale, construction, and maintenance of related equipment


Aqua Nishihara Corporation Ltd.

202/12 Soi Prawit Lae Phuean, Prachachuen Road.
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Nishihara Environment Protection(Shanghai)Co., Ltd.

Building 8, No.676, Wuxing Rd, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China

Nishihara Hong Kong Co., Ltd.

Room 501, 5/F., CCT Telecom Building, No.11 Wo Shing Street, Shatin, N.T. Hong Kong


 The Nishihara Group's founder, Shuzo Nishihara, was born in Tokyo on August 25, 1883, and founded a company that specialized in sanitation work that was unique in 1917. Later, the company enlarges achievements smoothly, Shuzo visited sewage treatment plants in Europe and the United States in 1927. He also frequently visited libraries in London, deepening his knowledge nearly a year. After returning to Japan, he worked on the development of equipment from digestion tests of night soil, while also constructing wastewater treatment plants at U.S. military facilities on an exclusive basis upon the request of the U.S. military. In that way we have established a foundation for wastewater treatment.
 In 1955, we also succeeded in promoting the digestion of night soil, which we had been working on for a long time. In several years, we constructed night soil promotion digesters in more than 30 cities, including Muroran City. Since then, we have also worked on high concentration organic wastewater treatment from the factories of foods industry in the private sector, and even now, more than half a century later, those factories are still important customers of Nishihara Neo.
 As stated above, our founder learned about “the night soil treatment and the high concentration wastewater treatment from the factories of foods industry” which had hardly known in Japan in the first half of the 20th century by himself from many experiments. Even though it was a private company, he sometimes conducted those treatments in the form of a volunteer. He was truly a pioneer in this field. At the same time, he made Nishihara widely known to the public as the only leading company.
 Nishihara Neo have been working on wastewater treatment by biological method as our core business, which is the essence of our founder. Moreover we are expanding the scope of business to physicochemical treatment in recent years.
 Nishihara Neo has also inherited its founder's overseas orientation, and is utilizing its domestic technologies and expertise in Southeast Asia to contribute to the improvement of the water environment, while also recruiting a wide range of human resources.
 I will strive for further development by sharing with our employees the responsibility and fulfillment of succeeding our great founder's business as well as its sense of happiness.

Representative director

Nobuo Tsukihashi


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    Our mission – To contribute to water environmental preservation

    Water that people use for their everyday life and production activities consists in nature. We will protect the global environment and the health of the people by expanding the importance of water, recycling water and returning water to nature.

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    Our basic policy - To be a reliable partner

    We will provide relief and satisfaction for the customer's expectations through our sincere actions, priority of safety, reliable technology and knowledge as a water treatment pioneer.

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    Organizational culture – To create a place of sympathy and growth

    The most important asset of Nishihara Neo is its employees who share the policy and sympathize mission. We will combine the growth of the company and employees, with improving ourselves, anticipating changes and the evolution of technology.

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    Commitment for stockholders
    – Achieve everlasting improvement of corporate value

    In order to perform our mission, we are eager to keep our company to the future, by practicing active and solid management, striving for innovation and challenge.


 Our company’s founder, Shuzo Nishihara installed the first two-story tank type Johkasou at early days Sumitomo group director, Iba's residence in Japan in 1914. Since then, for more than a century, we have been strictly following the founder’s philosophy toward the achievement of a recycling-oriented society by “returning what was gained from nature to nature with its original form”. We have continuously passed this philosophy from generation to generation since our establishment.
 Under the global environmental problems, Nishihara Neo has been moving forward to the next 100 years. We will expand our business to new fields, by combining cultivated know-how with technology through cutting-edge research and development. We will carry out various kinds of wastewater treatments including an inorganic wastewater treatment, mainly with our core technology "biological treatment". We aim to provide the best solutions for problems related with “water”.
 Bringing the total solution of water to everyone.


Shuzo Nishihara, the founder of our company, installed the first two-story tank type Johkasou at early days Sumitomo group director, Iba's residence in Japan


Established Nishihara Engineering Co., Ltd. and constructed the first large scale Johkasou in Japan (Marunouchi, Tokyo)


Started to sell NEO Johkasou (prefabricated; decomposition type); started mass production of Johkasou


Separated the wastewater treatment department and established Nishihara Environment Engineering Co., Ltd. (currently NISHIHARA Environment Co., Ltd. )


Separated the sales and marketing department from Nishihara Environment Engineering Co., Ltd. and established Neo Johkasou Kogyo Co., Ltd. (currently Nishihara Neo Co., Ltd.)


Started to sell NEO aeration Johkasou (AR model) made of FRP; started mass production of FRP Johkasou


Started construction of NEO long-time aeration Johkasou (ARC-V model) made of RC


Started construction of NEO batch type combined treatment Johkasou (IC process model; certified by Minister of Construction) made of RC


Started to sell NEO Johkasou (AAC model) made of FRP for domestic use
Developed and started construction of the "yeast treatment system" for industrial wastewaters and pre-treatment plants


Started construction of the ATC model equipped with "AT controller system" to control aeration time automatically (certified by Minister of Construction)


Established Nishihara Co., Ltd., a management company


Started to sell the "yeast treatment system" (YUS model) made of FRP for industrial wastewaters


Started to sell the NEO advanced treatment type Johkasou (MCB model and MCB-2 model) made of FRP; they were adopted by municipal governments across the nation (as public projects)


Nishihara Co., Ltd. became a 100% holding company after a reorganization of the group


Started construction of "MAC model" and "ATC-MAC model" by utilizing MF type membrane


Nishihara Neo Co., Ltd. divided into seven regional companies.


Started construction of a high-speed & ultra high-loading anaerobic wastewater treatment system for industry use (N-UASB model - EGSB type)


Seven regional companies merged into Nishihara Neo Co., Ltd.


The 100th anniversary of the company’s foundation
Started to sell "NEO FP MBR SYSTEM" - joint development product with Toyobo Co., Ltd.


Completion of new office building


Started "N-MOS" NEO (remote) monitoring and operation support service


The 60th anniversary of the company’s establishment