NEO Johkasou

NEO Johkasou



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Combination of anaerobic filter, carrier fluidized aeration, and high speed solid-liquid separation with flow equalization

Carrier fluidized aeration and Anaerobic filter circulation method

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  • 1. Excellent flow equalization mechanism

    • The flow equalization part and the PP transfer and circulation system(※) installed in the upper part of the anaerobic filter tank can equalize the fluctuation of the influent wastewater and stabilize the performance. ※PP transfer and circulation system … Pneumatic Pump, Nishihara Neo's original flow equalization system.

  • 2. Large flow equalization parts

    • The flow equalization part uses the capacity determined from a lot of Johkasou operation data that Nishihara Neo has achieved for many years. Neo Johkasou has large volume of flow equalization compare to the advanced treatment tank of other brands. In combination with the performance of the PP transfer and circulation system, the effect of flow fluctuation is eliminated.

  • 3. High BOD removal performance and high nitrification performance

    • Since a hollow cylindrical carrier with a large specific surface area is used as the bio-immobilized carrier, it was confirmed that the attached biota has been in good condition and the amounts of microorganisms has been kept extremely large compared with the conventional floatation method. As a result, we have achieved advanced treatment with a capacity of about 1/2 that of conventional contact aeration tanks (compared with our previous tanks). Concentration of BOD in treated water: 10 mg/L or less

  • 4. High SS removal performance

    • Instead of the conventional sedimentation method, a high-speed solid-liquid separation tank using a hollow cylindrical filter media has been installed. This makes it possible to prevent the carry-over of micro SS. SS concentration in treated water: 10 mg/L or less

  • 5. Stable nitrogen removal performance

    • The combination of the aerobic organism-immobilized carrier which has a high nitrification performance, the anaerobic filter with a high denitrification performance, and the PP transfer and circulation system enables stable nitrogen removal. T-N concentration in treated water: 10 mg/L or less

  • 6. Model compatible with environmentally friendly

    • We have achieved the energy saving by adopting a low-power PP transfer circulation system and a highly efficient carrier fluidized aeration system.

  • 7. Easy installation

    • The bottom height of the discharge pipe is 60 mm higher than that of the former model. Gravity flow discharge is possible even at the site where the discharge pump tank is required.

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