Nishihara Neo's unique membrane separation system using a flat membrane with high stability and maintainability through joint development with Toyobo Co., Ltd.

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  • Advantages
  • System flow
  • Structural drawing
  • 1. Stable treatment performance

    • Compared with the gravity sedimentation method, it keeps stable treatment performance, because it can separate the treated water from the activated sludge by using membrane. Furthermore, it can eliminate the risk of sludge overflow caused by sedimentation problem.

  • 2. Suitable for the advanced treatment and the recycle of the treated water

    • NEO FP MBR SYSTEM can separate micron size particles, so it generates the treated water better than the sand filtration tertiary treatment system. Therefore, it is suitable for the regions where the high-quality treated water is required and the case that it needs the recycle of treated water.

  • 3. Space-saving– it is suitable for the capacity enhancement of the existing WWTP

    • Compared with the gravity sedimentation method, it increases the MLSS concentration of the aeration tank. The smaller aeration tank volume and the unnecessary sedimentation tank will contribute to make WWTP footprint smaller. In that way, the capacity enhancement of the existing WWTP required tank volume will be much smaller.

  • 4. Feasibility study and operation support program

    • Not only in design and construction, we also provide the service and the support program consistently for the regular operation and the maintenance.

    • “NEO FP MBR pilot test unit”
      For the purpose of the capacity enhancement of the existing WWTP, we can propose further effective WWTP according to the result of the pilot test unit. (The test fees will be required.)

    • “NEO FP MBR SYSTEM maintenance support contract”
      We can also provide the supporting services which include the remote monitoring, the yearly membrane check, the water quality analysis, and advices to operate in the best condition. Furthermore, we can propose the way to reduce the customer’s expenses of the expired membrane exchange.

  • 製品の説明図
  • Mechanism of the membrane separation in MBR tank

  • The structure of the membrane unit

  • Reference dimension list