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Nishihara Neo Co., Ltd. has formulated the following policies and systems for protecting personal information, and has made these policies a privacy policy.

Basic Policy

Nishihara Neo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “our company”) respects and complies with laws and social order related to the Personal Information Protection Law, and all employees, including directors, recognize the importance of the personal information they handle and endeavor to properly handle and protect it.

Management of Personal Information

Personal information will be obtained by appropriate means, and the purpose of use will be disclosed, notified, or clarified, and personal information beyond the scope of the purpose of use will not be handled without the consent of the viewer.
In addition, when providing or disclosing personal information to third parties, our company will follow the procedures stipulated by laws and regulations.

1. Personal data obtained by our company

Our company will acquire personal information when receiving inquiries through this website, and acquired personal information may be registered in our company’s database systems, etc.
Personal information to be registered is company name, name of organization to which you belong, name of school, location, address, contact address, e-mail address, name, etc.

2. Purpose of Use of Acquired Personal Information

It may be used for purposes such as giving notice of participation in the relevant corporate fairs, sending direct mails to provide information such as technical presentations and company briefings, and delivering e-mails.
※ The use of personal information for the above purposes will be immediately discontinued upon request from the customer.

3. Provision of Acquired Personal Information to Third Parties

When providing the information to a third party, our company will take necessary measures to maintain the confidentiality of the information.
Our company will not provide the acquired personal information to a third party except as stipulated by law or with consent to the provision to a third party.

4. Internal use of personal information

Acquired personal data may be used jointly by business divisions of our company.

1. Scope of business divisions of shared-use

All business divisions in which our company operates

2. Purpose of use

The same as the purpose of use of personal information set forth in section 2.

3. Items of personal information to be shared

Items necessary for the above purpose of use, such as name, address, and telephone number

4. In exceptional cases, when sharing personal information with others, our company take additional required treatments.

5. Protecting their personal information

Our company will educate our employees about the handling of acquired personal information in order to protect personal information, and will strictly manage it.
For the database system held by our company, the required security measures are taken.

6. Outsourcing the handling of personal information

When outsourcing the processing of personal information held by our company, our company conclude the required contracts and appropriately manage and supervise them.

7. Requests for disclosure, complaints, corrections, suspension of use, etc. from customers

Complaints and consultation desks: Sales management department
Please refer the above E-mail address to send us your requests for disclosure, etc.

8. Deletion of personal information

Nishihara Neo and the customers who send some inquiry or request do not come into a continuous relationship thereafter, the acquired personal information will be deleted safely and completely after the storage period (10 years) has elapsed.

18, May 2020

Nishihara Neo Co., Ltd.

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